Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Learning curve

It's true - any job worth its salt offers learning curve. This one has been relatively painless and the pace is not frenetic yet, so I haven't felt overwhelmed. The first, best thing any webhead can do is to learn their organization. So that's what I've been doing. I've been:
  • visiting with the different departments of the State Library and learning what they do (currently am meeting with the departments in the Information Services Division, many of whom put the public face on the library - such as History & Genealogy, Legislative & Law Reference, Government Information Services, and so on)
  • learning how the website is currently developed
  • getting my own favorite web tools together & installed
  • doing basic webpage posting work (just a few pages so far)
  • troubleshooting a much more involved problem related to the databases and their asp web forms
  • serving on a couple of committees, including the library's "image committee" which is preparing for our annual statewide library conference and an open house in June

So that's been my first couple of weeks. That and I went to a CSS course that - while a tad lower-level than would be ideal for me - still answered some basic questions that were outstanding for me... perhaps because I've only really taught myself things like this and there are oddities that I wasn't sure were systemic oddities (and if so, why they existed)... Anyhow, things are going well & I'll try to make sure to post, particularly on the resolution to the great database/web form problem (or should I say problems?) that I've been troubleshooting (finally successfully!) the past couple of days.

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