Thursday, June 01, 2006

Library2.0 report & other things - Library system vendor Talis offers this report on "Library2.0" - Library 2.0: The challenge of disruptive innovation.

I went to see Kathleen Anderson today, the State of CT's website accessibility guru. She and I talked about my removal of the Bobby logo, as Bobby is no longer in existence & we're not even sure if we're accessible at this point in time. I'm working on the issue - I'll use FrontPage 2003's accessibility checker & Cynthia Says... in the meantime, I've removed logos which claim that we are still fully in compliance until such time as I can make this true. This will be a great experience and will serve as the basis for a workshop Kathleen and I are thinking of running this fall - probably Sept. or Oct. - 3 hours on redoing your website for accessibility - with hands-on use of old CSL pages as an example. Kathleen - an MS MVP (basically a certified guru) for FrontPage will show everyone how to use FP to make webpages more accessible. I'll cover Dreamweaver.

I also saw a demonstration of an AJAX platform, tried out Wordpress (which I like much better than Blogger, I'm afraid!), and added a Wordpress feed to a test page to see if I can convert the New & Noteworthy page. It's been challenging and I feel like all I've really accomplished today was to tweak/edit existing webpages per others' requests (new links, changes in wording, minor stuff). I did a little more work on the public records subweb page forwards.

I also wanted to get my piece of the blog workshop 100% in place, but that hasn't happened - I think I was a little too ambitious to think that I could get so much done in such a short week!

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