Thursday, February 01, 2007


Woo-hoo - I think I'm the first librarian online at - a hot professional networking (and business2.0) site. Darn! Scooped again (but it's all good - a network is beginning) - Maura Deedy from Ferguson Library was already on LinkedIn. Maybe there are some others - if you're out there, please let me know!

I think it's a good argument for why you not only can not block young people from joining online communities, but you probably should not (within certain parameters, of course). Since this is likely the wave of the future, it will be a required professional skill - a fluency with social networking sites. Anyhow, join LinkedIn soon & please - friend me!

I can be helpful, in fact. The director of CSL's Division of Library Development was putting together her most excellent blog on LSTA planning - and ran into a few questions today. In case perchance, you have the same questions, let me provide the answers here. On blogs, if you want to create a sidebar widget that features links to other websites/blogs/wikis/whatever, you need to go into the Blogroll function & add links. Then you MUST add some category to them in order for them to show up.

As for myself - well, this week has brought a mix of ups and downs - the usual. It was a joy to speak to the state's Ed Tech Commission re: social networking sites & how libraries are using them. (Even though I felt a bit like a hypocrite given how little we at CSL are really doing to take advantage of the tech - compared to what we could be doing. But I feel a little better because our web committee is excellent & will move us forward. We've just scheduled a new librarian who spoke at NELA to come up & talk with us on Feb. 15th - all about Web2.0 & ways libraries are using the technology to further their missions. Just getting awareness out there will be helpful. Staff is so busy with their own subject area expertise, they haven't been able to keep up with all of the Web2.0 developments, let alone consider how they could deploy them. Yes, I mean there have been victories - I turned the New @ CSL into a blog & then created a script that draws in the RSS feed. And we got the William Webb Wordpress blog up. And there's been a little bit of movement. But movement seems quicker in one of our divisions when compared with the overall institution. I guess that's the challenge in a place like this...)

So, in the meantime, I've been working very hard on an extremely Web1.0 initiative that does very little for users & even for staff. And I'm beginning to question whether or not I should keep banging my head on the wall or to insist that we stop wasting precious resources (my time, for example) on getting something that's old school & not very helpful to very many people on this project. I'll feel bad for only having made about 75% of the project functional, but I'm beginning to think that it's worth cutting and running... I don't want to throw more good time after such wasted time... mixing my metaphors, eh? Anyhow, I have a million crucial things stacked up - but I'm only 1 human being. I do the best project mgt I can, but I cannot control the project demands of the folks around me. I'll have to take this one to the boss, I think.

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