Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vacation, conferences, etc.

I'm back from vacation & closing on a house. Spring is always a busy time here in New England - we start to arise from the slumber of winter, I think. But in case time isn't going by quickly enough for you, there is an array of conferences to keep area librarians busy throughout April. There are the Connecticut Library Association (next week) & the New England Regional Genealogical (April 26-29) conferences, both happening in Hartford.

Down in the D.C. area, meanwhile, the annual Computers in Libraries Conference will focus on the use of Web2.0 in libraries for collaboration, communication & community online. (Hence, I'm going... I have to admit that CIL has always been one of my favorite (& most immediately work-applicable) conferences, so I'm very pleased.) I'll be blogging from CIL, whenever I get a chance, so return next week & hopefully (the laptop & wi-fi gods willing) I'll have some of the lowdown on the conference for you.

So that's the run-down on events. Now back to webmastering.

Don't forget - "bookmarks" (anchor tags) hate spaces. A couple of librarians discovered the hard way that some of their hyperlinks to specific parts of other pages (to bookmarks on those pages) did not work in IE. They worked ok in Netscape/Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer. I don't know whether or not this once again demonstrates that the Mozilla complex actually adheres to standards more strictly than IE or vice versa, but don't take risks, eliminate the spaces!

Other things to watch out for in the naming of bookmarks: cases must match; too many characters will not be recognized (keep it under 16 folks (remember the old days & use just 8 if you want to be 100% sure that all app's will handle your bookmarks gracefully)); some special characters may not be recognized (usually the underline is just fine, though I'd keep it for a midword character and wouldn't use it to start the anchor... but maybe I'm paranoid). Feel free to comment to straighten me out on the standards business or on the exact numbers of characters/placement of underlines. Even so, if you follow these rules, you're sure to be safe!

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