Friday, May 25, 2007

A redesigned site

Well, it's been a busy week. Yday, we got the site rolled "live". Yes, still work to be done on it - yes, we're way open to suggestions - I'm sure that lots of improvements could be made. (they always can, can't they!)

To that end, we've experimented with setting up a "user feedback" loop/mechanism [it's called a blog! ;)] no, but seriously, we let folks comment on the flickr photostream of screenshots that I'd annotated various features of (e.g., this little box - not in the final version, but do you want it in the final version)... and if it was easier, they could just comment on the blog. Now, anyone can either email me or comment on the blog. I dunno if this is the 100% right way to go - but why not try the conversation? I definitely need feedback to improve things. I'm hoping it's all constructive. Then again, maybe it's what you make of it - it can all be constructive.

If you want to leave comments for me or the web team re: the new site - go to Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Oh yeah - here's the pics - 1 in IE, 1 in Firefox - both PC-based:

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