Friday, June 22, 2007

That glazed look...

no, my mind is not wandering to donuts because it's a Friday afternoon. I'm thinking about how many times I've seen other librarians I'm training sort of "hit the wall". They get that glazed look in their eyes & they tell me something to the effect of - I'm completely overwhelmed or my brain's full.

I know how they feel.
I'm completely overwhelmed. Think about how fast things move. Here's a list of social software & tools I have to spend time on - just to keep up (not necessarily in this order). And that's not even the half of it - heck there's plenty I still don't know about!

So I ask you - am I slow? How does Bill Drew do it? He seems to constantly be doing something new with our Ning Library2.0 interface. Or Darlene Fichter? Or any of my fav bloggers - even my buddy, the Loose Cannon Librarian - how do they get it all done?

In the meantime, I TRY to post to Twitter, at least on occasion - see me there at

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