Monday, June 25, 2007

website usability - ambient findability at ALA

This David Lee King posting on the Ambient Findability session at ALA2007 ( - [btw, do a technorati search of ala2007 if you want to see a number of postings from multiple bloggers covering the conference - ] - is a wake up reminder (too bad I just keep hitting that snooze button) on where my priorities should be - and soon - test server cutover, etc., be damned. The presenter (Peter Morville) noted that you need to make your site "useful, desirable, accessible, credible, findable, usable & valuable". He suggested doing a "credibility audit" (this in place of a full-scale redesign)... "perceived credibility -- people trust nice-looking, well-designed sites"... ok, no more blogging for today, I've got work to do!

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