Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A few of my favorite people...

There are actually quite a few, but today's favs include:

A. Library Web Chic - we're headed in the same direction, technology-wise and often philosophically (though she's way ahead of me, at least I can see her on the horizon) - I highly recommend her blog at and NOT just because she's legitimized my "Web Head" nickname - see her entry on "Why My Job is So Hard" and note that she mentions "Web Heads" at least 2 x! ;)
If you want to know where our web work is headed, start paying attention to the Web Chic, one of my fav fellow Web Heads! [though her caution about redesign hell in a recent entry has me a little worried...]

B. The IT Support team where I work. Yes, often librarians live in a love-hate relationship with IT Support/Automation, whatever they call the dept. of tech gurus who keep things ticking. But I've always been on the systems end of things, MLS notwithstanding, so I tend to see where they're coming from. And no, we don't always agree - the best gurus out of corporate/private industry, for example, will tell you - no participation in the website is the best thing because, after all, it reduces the variables that can mean failures/mistakes/compromises. Still, the team I work with now - though they're new to an environment that was kept together largely by the power of inertia, status quo, duct tape, and other magic - are really moving things forward. I love our mutual respect and find that this is definitely the best way to do business. They've got it tough, but they really are doing wonders! Kudos to them!

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