Thursday, December 04, 2008

FeedVis tool, Springnote & embedding a LibraryThing widget into our webpage

You see, 2.0@CSL is yielding results - I swear! I got a web ticket from one of our unit heads who'd created a LibraryThing account & added books of interest to the audience of her unit's portion of the website. She wanted (get this!) me to put a widget / sidebar section in that displayed said books in the page itself. I did so - it was so quick & dirty I can't tell you - and it's on the staging server for her to review. Hopefully, she'll let me roll it into production pretty quickly.

I've been thinking alot about the "21st-century Organization" (a blog I happen to follow, too, on occasion), an ecosystem for innovation and agile development. I really want to create a framework for the agile development of web services / aspects of the web presence. I've done the back-end work 2 x now in the past month to create Wordpress blogs on our server. (In one case, the demand was driven directly by the 2.0@CSL project!) This is one simple technique for putting a framework in place for content creators. Unfortunately, even this is a fragmented, piecemeal approach, and it will not scale endlessly.

The 2 tools I'm playing with:
* FeedVis
* Springnote

I still want a better wiki product for the backend of our intranet, for example. I might just have to do that test implementation of a CMS to both experiment & to achieve what I want for the intranet. We run MediaWiki, but for this group, there's definitely too much of a learning curve to make it likely that they'll be using it regularly. And since the whole deal is that I want some open discussion about the website, upcoming projects, etc., I need the tool to be so dead simple to use (no wiki markup & no need to install a separate editor/client program to do the translation from WYSIWYG to wiki markup) that there are no barriers on that front.

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jasonpriem said...

Let me know if I can help with anything you're doing with FeedVis. The code's all available for download, and I'd be glad to assist in an minor adaptations.

Nancy Peluso said...

Congrats on the LibraryThing success story. Maybe that's just what the dr. ordered to get the ball rolling...

Mike Temple said...

Hi - I'd be very interested in seeing how you embed a Librarything to your website - do you have a simple tutorial for folks to follow please? Thanks Mike