Monday, March 23, 2009

The best part about technology

... is when it works! To that end, I've run into a few issues today that are making my Monday less than perfect:
1. Google's to do list - wasn't there supposed to be a Google Tasks option that was developed in Google Labs & is supposed to work by my adjusting the settings of my Gmail account... I can't find said tasks list option. Maybe this is for the best, though, as I got a little perturbed to discover that such an animal existed after I paid for my Remember the Milk upgrade, largely because it integrates with Google calendar.
2. Remember the Milk. OK, since I brought it up... why won't it let me add new tags? You can create custom lists, which I did quite a bit of this AM, but then I also wanted to add in tags, so I don't solely have to rely on lists to subdivide my to-dos (e.g., financial under my personal section for all of the scary stuff!) I go into the same settings/options section I go into to create my lists & there's a tab named "tags". It seems reasonable. But there are no tags there and the suggestion that I create some, but no way to do so. My only options, in fact are to merge or delete my nonexistent tags. wth?
3. YUI WYSIWYG editor for the project - no source code option! wth?! I'm in as admin & have to straighten something out, but to do so, I need to get into the source code for the entry (to remove an inline style that appears to have stuck itself in the entry... at least, I'm pretty sure that's the issue, but since I can't go into the source I can't even try to fix it up). That's a showstopper. Might be time to return to FCKeditor / IMCE struggles on the Drupal installation & forget about ever-so-pretty YUI. Or maybe admin needs FCKeditor, but the editors/content creators can deal with YUI. We'll have to play around with it & see what's what.
4. CUIL - again, wth?! I fixed the robots.txt to make the CUIL crawlers happy (nevermind that Google's fine with us...) and emailed a response to the CUIL engineers to let them know. I'd done this at the end of last week. As of today, however, a search on our organization's name still only includes links to other sites (e.g., Wikipedia) and subpages of our site - none to our home page.
On the upside, I discovered 2 Wordpress installations I'd done a while back to meet a couple of internal users' needs. I'd forgotten that I'd already done them. I amaze myself. Really. Not. Yup, I'm gonna have to start some sort of time/task/project mgt system (ala RTM?) that ensures that the stuff I get done actually gets out the door. No good to do the work & not put it into production.
Yeah, well that's a wrap for this Monday - time to go home.

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sharon in ct said...

re: Google Task list. I'm looking at my task list right now. Did you click on the little green lab flask at the top right of your Gmail screen? Tasks is the second item on the list.

[Note that Google tells us that lab features may come and go without warning.]