Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paying it Forward - Hurrah for Library Movers & Shakers

1. It’s important to recognize and support others in our field who are making a difference. On that note, a huge shout out to Library Journal’s 2009 Movers & Shakers! ( The library world is better because of them.
2. Of course, I’m disappointed that only 1 of the great librarians from our state made it to the list this year (and that only 3 have appeared overall), but I wanted to nonetheless send a special congratulations to Yale’s Joe Murphy, for coming up with iPhone-based SMS reference. All of the CT recipients from 2002-2009 are listed below:
Alice S. Knapp, 2003
Kathy Leeds, 2006
Joe Murphy, 2009
3. Finally, I know so many great librarians (particularly in CT) – including folks who train other librarians to greatness – that I wanted to send a special shout out to all of them. I can’t list you all – most of you already know what high regard I hold you in – how full my heart feels when I think of you and the great work that you’re doing, often in the face of great challenges (both professional and personal).
I think of how I sometimes get a little discouraged, or need some guidance & how there are librarians, mentors, colleagues, and friends I can turn to in order to get back on track. They help me to find the peace again and so, to problem-solve and fulfill my potential, to move the organization forward, and to encourage others in their pursuits.
I’m so grateful for the committee that advises me in my work, my boss who has great vision and quick understanding of the issues at hand, my Twitter and FB friends, the brilliant L2.0 crowd I get to “play” with at camps and conferences like CIL. So many ideas, so much positive energy… every time there are negative and discouraging words, it only makes me more grateful for the encouraging ones.

Think about it like this – for every project that the Movers & Shakers bring to life, there must have been at least one other person (e.g., a boss who allowed it to happen, a colleague who encouraged) who supported them in their endeavor. There is no such thing as truly individual achievement, we all help one another, and we succeed together. I know, I know, I must be part-millennial – I want everyone to go home with a trophy – but honestly, in your heart of hearts, you must know that you also deserve praise for the role that you play in the library world. You really do.

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