Friday, October 02, 2009

Event-a-licious for Library2.0 Folks

Hi everyone, too busy to slow down & post properly, but LITA Forum begins in earnest today (preconference yesterday). Of course, I'm not there, but I'll be monitoring it from afar via the Twitter hashtag #litaforum. I'll try adding in a search link for this Twitter stream (otherwise, go to & seasrch on #litaforum).

Also, don't forget that NELA (New England Library Association Conference) is coming to Hartford the week after next (Oct. 18, 19, 20 in Hartford at our fancy new convention center, which is worth a view in and of itself (our new Science Center is open right next door)... other sites to see nearby include the lovely state Capitol building, the State Library/Supreme Court building across the way from it (not open to the public on Mondays, I'm afraid, but call ahead & we could probably find a way to let some librarians in!), the Wadsworth Atheneum (with world-class artwork from Dali, Monet, Connecticut impressionists, the Hudson River school of artists, and modern masters whose work I entirely do NOT understand), the Mark Twain House, the old State House, and the Harriet Beecher Stowe house... we also have some nice restaurants and bars downtown these days...)

There are others, too... the famous & wonderful Internet Librarians' Conference in Monterey - Oct. 26-28th. (no, not going to that one either... my credit cards are still stretched from last year's Computers In Libraries & traveling to DrupalCamp in Georgia). I'll watch that from afar via Twitter, etc., too.

Fortunately, WebJunction's been kind enough to offer some great webinars lately, for those of us for whom travel is unlikely. "Building a Digital Branch", with David Lee King was last week (a recent posting from him on connecting the physical library to the digital is worth viewing), then I watched part of the "Digital Reference Summit" this week. Oh, and an aside, David Lee King has a quick & interesting post on "What's a Content Curator?" Take a look if you get a chance...

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