Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Really, it all comes down to this...

People want more control over their technological environment.
Hence, frustrations with websites in general, vendor-run library systems, Facebook... It's all the same issue, just in different packages. People feel complete revulsion toward those who try to control them (hence the antipathy toward Microsoft). They feel positive toward those who get out of their way.
(and getting out of their way does not mean that you "guide" them or offer them a mandatory "smart filter" or in any other way manipulate them.)
People don't want to have to be confined to one little website/system, they want to pick and choose on the fly. Whatever works for them, that's what it's all about. It's not about loyalty to a specific website, service, or company. They'll as quickly go with a competitor as with you. The people can make your site or break it. So don't tee them off...
(see more outcry on the FB changes in the comments/replies to FB's blog posting about the change):
one more hint to FB & anyone else out there - just admit when you're posting about the new changes those things that will be hard for people to adjust to. Don't make it sound like you're doing everyone a big favor when you're about to inconvenience a portion of your user base.

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