Monday, March 29, 2010

Digital Novices & the Race Online 2012

I love this article (referred to by Bernie Sloan on the Web4Lib listserv) about the "Race Online 2012" happening in the UK & the production of leaflets with everything digital novices need to know about going online (thx to Google) --
I think the ALA should sponsor a similar "race online" (or any other body of libraries) for the U.S. & work with Google (or other partners) to make it a reality.

BTW, on a related front, my mom finally reported back that - for the 1st time, she'd managed to get into her Yahoo email account without help from the librarian at her local library. I knew she could do it! Congrats go out to my mom & gratitude to the reference librarian(s) who've helped her on her journey these past few months.

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