Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloud Computing & Digital Videos

Cloud Computing
& Digital Video
Jason A. Clark

A look ahead
- what's the cloud
- cloud as smart outsourcing
- reasons to move into the cloud

- rules for talking to remote server
- store
- retrieve
- upload

cloud defined = internet-based computing
- buzzword
- storage
- services
- intrastructure
- moving away from client/server model
- internet-based platform for computing

cloud options
- Amazon S3
- OCLC Digital Archive - web-scale management services (strictly storage) - safekeeping of master files - Worldcat is moving toward this
- Google App Engine - build apps using Google's infrastructure - using their Python, etc., for example
- Datastores of popular sites - Flickr, YouTube,
- Google Docs
- Google Fusion Tables - can pckg huge amts of data into Excel-like packages & query

- create scalable digital video platform in a week or so
- his dept = him, another librarian, 2 support workers

use online video services for ingest, datastore, metadat, file conversion, distribution, video player
TerraPod -
any MT K-12 students had to be able to submit to this (if they upload to or youtube & then get data) - just need to add a tag to it - then gets queue info - outsourced metadata to K-12 users
use player

cloud = infrastructure
- open & available storage
- open & available resources/services
- structured data

cloud = platform
- access to programming languages
- deployment tools
- application stacks
- blank slate for data

cloud = web scale
- network benefit
- enhanced distribution
- social architecture

why? advantages
- small shop
- many contributors, familiar ui
- optimized search index
- metadata entry and harvest
- file conversions
- social features and media players
- multiple file outputs (m4v, flv, mpeg)
multiple distribution formats
- mediaRSS, JSON, STOM, OpenSearch, iTunes (or Facebook)

- data in the cloud, loss of control
- terms of service
- API lag
- varying support

mashup routine
- make request
- receive structured data
- parse & display
just a matter of passing things into a url

code samples
- Jason will help with code samples if you need it

Best practices
- cloud architecture = heavy lifting
- archive locally if you must
- reuse metadata
- outsource file conversion
- promoting cloud computing

don't be “ascared”
- Google Data Liberation Front - strategic part of Google making certain that you can make sure to do with your data what you want (part of company)
- structured data
- storage and apps running on the network

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