Thursday, September 30, 2010

sorry it's been so long...

Wow, can you believe it's practically October? That's crazy - well, we still have a day left of September... OK, so what've I been doing... well, the stuff I can talk about (I know, I know. I'm a big advocate of transparency, but until the system changes, given the type of larger environment I operate in, I really can't say too much. sigh):
  • User eXperience Roundtable (the roundtables are efforts to bring libraries together to share information - coordinated by the Ct. Library Consortium) - we had a meeting down at lovely Darien Public Library, where we toured the amazing facilities and listened to Associate Director of User Experience, John Blyberg, explain their user-centered design (of both the physical and digital aspects of their library, which are intertwined)
  • DrupalCampCT - volunteered there & attended as presentations as possible anyway... plus, I attend most of the Central CT Drupal Meetups (many thanks to our organizer, who ensures that we have regular and very productive meetings every month)
  • DrupalCamp NYPL - attended both days of this great event, put on by the New York Public Library, who recently switched over to a gorgeous Drupal-based website. We're all so grateful that they shared their expertise and experiences. I hope that one day my organization can give back to the community, much as they have.
Probably the most powerful thing I've learned in the past 5 weeks is how amazing the Drupal community is for help, training, support, troubleshooting. There is a passion among Drupal users to help lift one another up. So they do this, sans reward (for free). But in repayment, you just have to know that you owe it to community to give back when, where, and how -ever you can. I can't wait until I can give back!

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