Thursday, March 22, 2012

Calls to Action from DrupalCon thusfar

  • Encourage librarians to go to The Risk & Reward Conference in CO this September (
  • Get on version control for real (I'd tested with a "clean build", but not kept up with the latest iteration of the Drupal build I'm doing... I'd thought, I'm not really writing my own code & that I was the only one building the site, so why use version control, but everyone says that I should already have it as part of my process, so there we go, back to SmartGit)
  • Do even more with drush
  • Learn my way up the drupal ladder & help others to do the same -
  • Contribute to the community - help them improve - web experience management, content authoring experience for D8
  • Use & encourage others to use the We the People petition section of the White House website
  • Try out the "conditional fields" module to only exposed "advanced" (more complex) settings to authors who've chosen that mode
  • Learn more about the Symfony PHP framework
  • See if I can get more staff members (besides myself) working with Drupal

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