Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I got my blog back AND a new job

I finally figured it out... how to get back into this blog and update it...
When I created this blog eight years ago, I didn't know how to build a Drupal site. I was working with straight HTML and CSS and a sprinkling of ASP and PHP. So Blogger was the easiest way to get my information online.

For  awhile, I've had problems getting into this site. The history goes like this... the IT at my old place of work (more on that below) changed email systems and domain names. I'd built the blog with the old email domain name. I tried getting in that way, but couldn't recall the password. Unfortunately, the password just got sent to the no-longer-extant email address. Anyhow, a few other things had changed since I'd been able to post, further complicating matters. I'd changed jobs -- moving from the Connecticut State Library, where I'd spend over seven years -- to the library at Central Connecticut State University so I no longer had access to the newer State Library email account, either.

But I finally figured it out. I had left a backdoor email address, so was able to get in. In the future, I look forward to building my own blog site that won't be so reliant on a third-party platform and its limitations, only on my own imagination (and the time it takes me to build things myself).

As always, thank you for reading and please note that what I post here represents my own opinion, not those of any organizations I work for or am affiliated with. At my new job, there is the concept of intellectual freedom and I'm grateful for that. But I want to be clear about my voice. It's my own. Right or wrong, good, bad, or in-between.

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