Monday, May 15, 2006


I'm working on our CSL blog workshop... to be held for CSL staff in just a few weeks! (can the month be flying by so quickly)... though I haven't yet posted the durn thing... anyhow, I decided to do some more groundwork by checking on the latest in the library blogosphere, something that I only occasionally have time to do. So I noticed that there's a new blog for LibraryThing... Have you all heard of LibraryThing? (If you haven't, take a look at this - or, of course, the LibraryThing site -

Did you ever get a great idea, shelve it, then find out someone else actually made it happen? I always thought that an online tool to help individuals catalog their own books would be great. Well, it's all in the "making it happen" - so thanks to the good folks at LibraryThing. They have created a sort of social portal that allows its users to catalog their books and to share information about their books, recommendations, etc.

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