Thursday, May 18, 2006

FrontPage Include files

A couple of things that I learned this AM... I have a prototype page to announce our June 10th open house ( So, to make life easier, I'm trying to start building all webpages with - not only include files for footers - but include files for the header. FrontPage has an include file option (only works on FrontPage extended servers, don't forget). Go to Insert--File then browse through to the file you want the server to automatically "include" into your page. This is ideal for keeping your footers (and headers) consistent on a large site - have a change, make it to your include file & it will show up on every page that uses it! So I'd just copied the footer code into the head section and changed the name of the file it pointed to (instead of footer.htm, header.htm - makes sense, eh?) The code looked like this: !--webbot bot="Include"
U-Include="header.htm" TAG="BODY" -- (I'm leaving out the carets, of course...) But it didn't work! Can you see why? It took me a minute... see the TAG="BODY" - I had the header in the head section. The code that worked looked like this: !--webbot bot="Include" U-Include="header.htm" TAG="head" --

BTW, I'm going to probably have to figure something different out our subwebs, since FrontPage's include file won't work properly in subweb setups.

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