Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Public & Special Acts 2006 in an Iframe?

OK, so the frameset was loading too slowly, especially given that the contents of this index to CT's Public & Special Acts (2006) prints out to anywhere from 57-60 pages long, depending on your printer setup. So, I went to an iframe setup. And this actually helped the WebXact validator to understand some of the pointers & not claim that there were broken links (though there were not... I think the complexities of the frameset, used in conjunction with other tech, like include files, had the validator confused!). Hence, the page shows up as being "error free". And the iframe version loads up more quickly. There are still other issues - re: this website's lack of full accessibility compliance and the fact that it hasn't been converted to XHTML, but these are other problems for another time. Also, I have to work on improving database access from the page, per a request from a webmaster at the General Assembly. I'll see what I can do!

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