Wednesday, February 13, 2008

where I've been... and still am...

The content of my previous post might've suggested that I'd moved entirely to a social networking site-based life - e.g., Facebook. But that's not true. No, the reason that I haven't posted in months is simple - a very badly broken wrist... the reality is that - technological innovations aside - we haven't REALLY gotten much beyond typing & the keyboard/mouse (or touchpad, in my case) as the primary means of interacting with our computers and thus, with the online world. So when my dominant hand wasn't working at all & my left arm/shoulder, etc., were getting so tired from what limited attempts I made to type (ever so slowly and with so many errors, I might add), I basically found myself unable to use the internet effectively (let alone to work)!

So in coming posts, I'll talk about accessibility as it relates to one's ability to type & "mouse", for example. I'll cover some of the options out there as alternative means of interacting with your computer and the many drawbacks to these technologies (in their current states of development). I've played - to some degree - with the following options: Microsoft Speech Recognition software (built into later versions of their Office suite), Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking, and podcasting. I'll let you know about the issues I've had with microphones/noise interference during dictation and, of course, the fact that no tools out there facilitate web developers and designers who have motor skills issues. But for now, these 2 paragraphs have cost me considerable energy and some discomfort. So it's time to sign off.

I just wanted you to know that I've missed the online world - and being unable to interact with it made me acutely aware of how hobbled you can feel when you're stuck offline. I've missed you all & look forward to healing further and seeing you soon - online or in-person!

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