Monday, April 07, 2008

Hello from Arlington - CIL2008

Hello from Arlington. After 3 months of recovering from the broken wrist, I started back at work full-time last week. Today and tomorrow, I’m attending the fabulous annual Computers In Libraries conference. Geez, what a way to start back – can you say overwhelming? Well, if you’re gonna start back at work again, may as well hit the ground running. This conference is an absolute wealth of ideas. It’s an event where you rub shoulders with people from an array of institutions, large and small, thought leaders and folks desperately playing catch up – but regardless of who you meet here, the common theme is that we’re all seeking to become more innovative in the ways we use technology to serve our organizations’ respective missions.

If you’re following the conference from afar, there are a number of folks blogging in real-time, or something near to it. Take a look at Technorati – blog, photos, and other entries labeled “cil2008” or “cil08” – and you’ll be able to glean lots of great nuggets from the sessions.

I’ll be posting on my track later today, but needing to pay attention now, let’s just say that others are a little quicker and more effective on the draw.

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