Thursday, January 08, 2009

2.0@CSL project update - was the wiki a mistake?

wow. I feel really stupid. But that's alright.

So we're almost at the last week of our staff's quasi-"23 things" project and participation is at an all-time low. I've been thinking about the problem of participation for a while. Our "23 Things" program was a voluntary endeavor, of course. Staff were invited by the head of the agency to get involved. He even did a great little intro podcast describing why the project was a good idea and why folks should get involved. At first, there were quite a few. And overall, 80 people asked to be a part of our wiki-based program. Yes, wiki-based. Not blog-based, like all of the other "23 Things" projects we looked at.

Therein lies the problem that I created. (and that's why I feel stupid... I had an aha moment this afternoon - reading this entry from Library Clips - you'll see...) When we looked at how to do this thing, I had been thinking about the many tools we could use. The blog approach had been successful (so I might've left it alone!) but we were hoping to roll out a successful project to the whole state after we piloted it, rather than to run it just one time for our staff. So I thought about each weekly module as being centered around a topic, rather than being something date-driven and ergo, figured that a better tool for the job was a wiki. But PBWiki, for all of its pluses, was not a very good tool for building community and facilitating collaboration in the way that we'd needed it to - it didn't thread discussion nicely, it couldn't provide automated ways of integrating with the blogs that we asked folks to build, and so on. moreover. d
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