Monday, January 12, 2009

User Experience - an Organizational Commitment

I can't remember a day recently when I've returned to my desk so hopeful about the state of libraries and their interfaces with the public. One reason is that the new Darien Library had its grand opening on Saturday. The $24 million facility offers so much for its community and I certainly can't do it justice (not having seen it for myself!), but I'd encourage you to go to their website (which also offers so much for its community) at They have a great posting about how they are always thinking "SERVICE". Their commitment to this concept is reflected in their organizational structure. They have, I kid you not, a "User Experience (UX) Department", which is:

"... primarily concerned with the experience of the Darien Library user, drawing from the successes and failures of human-to-technology interface design. Usability, aesthetics, community, collections, and customer service are the key tenets of this user-centric service initiative.

"The UX team is charged with evaluating every point of interaction between Library and member or Library and staff, and recommending and implementing an array of service elements that produce a planned, positive, and desirable experience that addresses users’ expectations and needs. Ideally, these interface elements should consistently exceed the expectations of Library users and promote personal or intellectual transformation."

To which I can only add - how awesome is that?

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