Monday, July 27, 2009

End of the website

I'm so impressed with this blog entry by Brett Bonfield - "W-E-B-S-I-T-E, Find Out What it Means To Me" because it demonstrates very clearly that the world of the system formerly known as the ILS no longer exists... instead, it is part of the website. In his posting, Bonfield lists and explains open source projects that pull together the website and (sorry, Brett, I know you hate the term) the Integrated Library System.

The reality is that - all too often in libraries- we've kept the webmaster a role separate from the person who administers library-specific systems, such as the ILS, databases/electronic resources management systems, and so on. That kind of division no longer makes sense, if it ever did. Here at MPOW, I'm declaring the end of the library website and the beginning of the online library, with its many facets of web presence. I'll let you know how it goes...

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