Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things to pay attention to

Semantic Web / Web 3.0 / Linked Data / RDF:
Why watch this trend? Because part of our job as information professionals is to ensure that what we put out there is reusable/linkable/modular/compliant with commonly used web standards - and/or that we facilitate the transformation of data into such formats. These are building blocks for Web3.0 - the Semantic Web.

SOPAC (Social OPAC) Project News:

As a librarian you MUST care about this - http://thesocialopac.net/
Why? Because for the library user, this is a system that ensures that you're more engaged and that you get more out of the online library catalog experience. It meets (& perhaps even exceeds?) your expectations of a library catalog, bringing it more into line with what we see offered on popular sites like Amazon & LibraryThing ... Get it? Got it? good!

More on Open Source:
Not just SOPAC, but...
These are some of the many inputs (as of today) shaping the vision for our new web presence...

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